Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm such a bad blogger! I started this blog as my own outlet to share and express things and feelings and yet I never seem to have time to sit down and write. You'd think I'm not busy since I stay home with 2 small kids...ALL THE TIME. But I can never seem to find a moment to myself. Maybe when their 12 right? I have so many fabulous pic's to post from milestones to trips. Plus Ive been super busy at night, which by the way is the only time I have to sit down and blog. David bought me a Gym membership for Mothers day and Ive been going just about every night. It's a nice get out of the house and join the real world again time for me! Plus Ive lost 7lbs so you cant go wrong there! A few snip it's from Our Seattle trip. It was a Lil Mothers day get a way with my mom and sister. I throughly enjoyed the cold rainy weather and walking around. Of course the market was the best as always. I need to move up north, I swear!