Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back to my Blog

Long a go ( about 5 years ago ) I had a blog. I Loved it. It was my way to vent and put it all out on the table. Well, I soon found this "new" way of blogging that turned into a picture a day post. And since I have kids and family and friends that follow that blog it was a good way to keep everyone update. I soon ran out of room ( Apparently I post to many pictures! ) and had to delete my Old blog so I could have room for the Picture blog. Well I had a little bit of room that lasted about a month and had to buy more space. So in all It was pointless to erase my old blog. I tend to do a lot of blog stocking..dont judge you know you do it to And besides thats how you found me right. It's kinda like walking by a nice house and peering through the windows to see how it's decorated. Well Ive decided to start all over again. I miss having an outlet and a way to express my feelings. So here we go.

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