Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A few of My Favorite things..

I Love looking for new and exciting blogs to follow. I Love to see how other people live, dress, places they travel, crafts they do, Etc...It's kind like driving around looking at homes. You all know we do it and being a girl you always wonder what the insides look like.

Stacy and Chris...Their so cute! They just moved to Chicago from Ca and before that Utah. It's always fun to follow those who move around!

Naomi and Josh. Fun little family living in DC. They just had a baby almost a year ago and she's expecting another!

Danielle. I cant help it, I have a thing for Tattoo's and she makes me want more! Plus her son is the cutest!

Enjoying the small things. This blog is so sweet! Both the little girls are adorable and it's fun to see all the activities they do!

Bluebird Vintage. This is a new blog I just started following but I just love how Vintage they are!

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