Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

A new year! This one's gonna be good! I'm gonna make it good! Or at least better...ha ha. So whats your resolutions? I don't think I have resolutions as much as just trying to be better at things. But here's a few Ideas...
1. Eat better. I know this is every ones! But I really need to lay off the junk! No more fast food, cut my portions, no more bowls of Ice Cream at 9pm! Poop, that's gonna suck! Baby steps right?

2. Learn more Patience. Ugh, this is hard with 2 kids under 3!
3. Exercise! I need to get back into running. I enjoyed it. It was nice to get out of the house for 30-45 Min's. Even if I had to take a kid in a stroller.

4. This may be the most important for my own sanity. I like dressing up. It makes me happy. Dresses, shoes, MAKEUP, Accessories. It's art to me. Even If I don't go anywhere or leave the house I need to put on something nice.

5. There are so many projects I have started or want to start but never get back into it. DO IT! Step away from the computer and have some "me" time.

The Yum O Liscious salad I made today. Strawberry's, Pears, Blue Cheese crumbles, Candied Walnut's, with a Strawberry Poppy seed dressing. I die!

Spent the Majority of the day cleaning out the Garage, I cant wait to park in it again!

Cambria has WAY to many Tutu's. Just saying!

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  1. Ok I got a New Years resolution we can do together..Let's get dressed up and ONCE a month do a Girls Night Out! I need to do the SAME!!